Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a JCC member to attend Camp JCC?

JCC membership is not required to attend Camp JCC. However, we do offer special pricing for our members.

Do I have to be Jewish to attend Camp JCC?

Camp JCC is designed for campers of all ages and interests, regardless of ethnic and religious background. 

What is the Jewish content of the camp?

Camp JCC promotes informal Jewish education. Campers will learn the customs and values of Judaism through programming, music, and Shabbat traditions.

Who is your staff?

Campers are under the direct supervision of a trained staff member at all times. All camp staff must pass a background check, drug test, and are certified in CPR/AED and First Aid. We exceed the staffing standards set by the ODJFS with the 1:10 counselor/camper ratio.

What is the difference between a specialty camp and day camp?

Camp JCC day camp is open to all children entering grades 1-8 with daily activity rotations such arts and crafts, cooking, sports and swimming. Specialty camps are one or two week camps that focus on a specific area of interest such as Theatre or Lego. 

Can my child be with his/her friend?

Children are grouped according to their age and grade. However, campers are free to interact with each other regardless of their designated groups during activities such as lunch and swimming.

Where and when can I drop off my child and pick them up?

Camp JCC campers can be dropped off Monday-Thursday in the parking lot behind the JCC off of Granada Avenue between 8:30-9:00 a.m., and can be picked up at the same location at 3:30 p.m. Rainy day pick up is at Akiva Academy located at the back of the JCC.

What if I need child care outside of Camp JCC pick up and drop off hours?

Camp JCC offers both AM and PM extended care options for an additional fee. AM care opens at 6:45 a.m. and PM care closes at 6:00 p.m. each day.

Are meals provided for campers?

Meals are not provided to Camp JCC campers. Parents are responsible for packing a non-perishable lunch for their camper(s), even on field trip days. The JCC no longer maintains strict kosher guidelines throughout the facility. Families may bring meat (with the exception of any pork or shellfish products). 

What should campers bring to camp?

All campers will bring their own bagged lunch daily. Campers will need to wear comfortable play clothes and sneakers. No sandals or Crocs! Pack a bathing suit and towel for swimming activities every day, even those enrolled in specialty camps. Campers need to make sure to bring sunscreen or put sunscreen on every day before coming to camp. Campers will receive a Camp JCC t-shirt and must wear it every Wednesday for field trips. We want to encourage interactions with peers and alone time without electronics or multimedia equipment. If items of this nature are brought to camp they will be collected by a staff member, labeled, and held in the camp office until the end of the day. 

What does Camp JCC do to help campers stay cool on hot summer days?

Water coolers are placed throughout the JCC campus and refilled throughout the day as needed, so campers will always have access to water. We try to keep campers outside as much as possible but when necessary activities are moved to shaded areas or indoors.   

What if my child gets sick or hurt? 

There is always at least one staff member present that has received training in First Aid, Communicable Diseases Recognition, Child Abuse Prevention and Recognition, and CPR/AED. When a camper shows signs or symptoms of illness, the Camp JCC Director will immediately notify the parent or guardian of the camper’s condition. Depending on the situation, the camper may be isolated from their group until a parent or guardian is able to pick them up.  In the case of a minor accident or injury, staff will administer basic first aid, and a "health-o-gram" will be given to parents upon pick-up.  If the injury is more serious, first aid will be administered and the parents will be contacted immediately to assist in deciding on an appropriate course of action.

If any injury is life-threatening, EMS will be contacted, parents will be notified, and a staff member will accompany the camper to the hospital with all available health records. Only parents or EMS will transport. 

What if my child does not want to swim?

All campers should be prepared for swimming daily. Camp JCC views swimming as a life skill, and we encourage children to build confidence in the water. We work with all children to teach them to enjoy the water within their own personal comfort zones; therefore we strongly encourage all campers to participate in the swim program.

What is the registration process? 

STEP 1: Log on to
STEP 2: Click CAMP JCC on the homepage
STEP 3: Click REGISTER NOW/LOG IN to begin the enrollment process

Any questions about  the enrollment process contact the camp office:

Are there any opportunities to receive financial assistance?

We offer various discounts on camp fees. Please contact the camp office for more information.


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