Israel Virtual Tours

Join experienced tour guide Itamar Ben-David on a series of virtual tours of Israel. Since his release from the IDF in 2008 after five years of service, Itamar has led various groups from Israel and Overseas. Over the years he has guided celebrities, politicians and diplomats, businessmen, university groups,and more.

Masada: The Last Stronghold Against Rome
Tour Masada, the last stronghold of the Jewish revolution against Rome, and explore history through the archeology of the strongest desert fortress built by King Herod.
Date: March 14 | Time: 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Zoom Meeting ID: 690 681 8290

The Galilee: Jews and Christians in the Holy Land
This fascinating trip takes us to the Sea of Galilee - the cradle of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism. Explore ancient ruins and synagogues and learn about the relationship between the Christians and the Jews.
Date: April 25 | Time: 10:00–11:00 a.m.
Zoom Meeting ID: 690 681 8290

Caesarea: Rome, the West, and the Jews
Visit King Herod’s opulent port city of Caesarea and learn about the political and cultural invasion of Judea and the clash of civilizations between Romans and the Jews.


Computer: Visit the website and click “join meeting.” Type in the access code provided. When you join, Zoom asks if you want to join with video. If you have webcam capabilities, choose that option. Next, Zoom asks if you want to join with your computer audio. Again, you want to make sure that your computer has that capability.

Smartphone: If you have a smartphone, you can download the Zoom app. Tap join and enter the access code provided.

Phone: If neither of the other Zoom options are possible for you, you can use your telephone to call in. You won’t be able to see the call participants, but you can hear them and be a part of the conversation. Dial 929.436.2866 and enter the access code provided.

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