Thomases Art Gallery

The Thomases Family Endowment Art Gallery is located in the main hall of the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown. The gallery hosts six to seven exhibitions per year, primarily showcasing diverse artistic perspectives from local and regional artists and also showing the work of artists from across the United States. Exhibitions typically run for six weeks with an artist reception held to open the show.  At least one exhibition every year focuses on a Jewish cultural connection.

Current Exhibit

What I Hear | Lynn Anderson

Part of the joy of living is hearing music  - enjoying the sound of beautiful music. Each individual human being is moved by some type of music that resonates in their soul. Music that a person loves has the power to raise them above their problems, pains, and mundane tasks of their existence. I have much gratitude for musicians who have created another plane where we can experience emotions and imaginations just through the sense of hearing. I have been inspired by music again and again, for years, days, hours, minutes. I seek to give people joy by letting them see what beautiful music I have heard translated visually from my perspective.  I paint the depth, the shape, the texture and the flow. I paint music’s trail, after it has gone, alight in the dark. I paint what music has inspired me to illustrate, in my own humble way, in the color that I feel denotes how valuable it is: gold.



Virtual Exhibits

What was Lost | Christina Humble and Ross Mazzupappa

Shaping Stories | Nancy Schwartz-Katz

Near & Distant Shores | Krista Machovina

Efficiency | Gary Taneri


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