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January - February 2022

"Celebrity Series" - Susan Jacobs
Acrylic paintings of celebrities.

Susan Jacobs is an artist, art teacher, and entrepreneur. A lifelong resident of the Youngstown-Sharon area, Susan is retired from the public school teaching. She holds a B.S. in art education, elementary certification, and Master Teacher Secondary Art degree, with a concentration in painting from YSU.  Currently she teaches art workshops, painting and drawing classes to local artists, and is proprietor of her dog biscuit company Blissful Biscuits, (www.blissfulbiscuits). She is also the founder (retired) of Community Artworks. Her work can be found at susanjacobsart.com.

March - April 2022

"Nature" - Marcela Diaz
Vibrant watercolor paintings of nature.

May - June 2022

"Photographs of the Street" - Dr. William Gordon
Photography of humankind with stories to be told.

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