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Gon and Shai Erez are emissaries (Shlichim) from Israel serving the Youngstown Community

The Jewish Agency’s shlichim are dedicated to the Jewish People, Jewish heritage, and to Israel. They are hand-picked from various streams of Israeli society, and different professional and academic backgrounds.The shlichim get communities actively involved in securing a vital Jewish future by creating programming tailor-made for specific communities’ needs - designed to increase Jewish awareness, knowledge, and pride; to bridge the gap between Jews of different backgrounds and Israel; and to promote an understanding of Israel and its ideals.

For more information contact: Gon & Shai Erez 
330.746.3250 x 159
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Gon grew up in Caesarea, which is originally an ancient roman city in the north of Israel.  During his military service, Gon served as a human rights officer in the IDF.  Has a BA in Psychology and economics from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be`er-Sheva.  Gon worked in a Youth village (a boarding school) for the last 3 year as a youth counselor.

Shai grew up in a town called Givat-Shmuel which is located near Tel-Aviv.  She served as an officer at a war-room at the chief of staff personal security unit. Shai studied Psychology (combined with Communications and Art) at Ben-Gurion University and has another BA in Social Work from the Ashkelon College. Shai was a Marketing Manager at the student union of Ben-Gurion University.

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