Is The Early Learning Center a licensed child care facility?

  • Our Center is licensed by The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. This license is posted in the Director’s office for review. We are currently licensed for 140 children, 28 of the children can be under the age of 2 ½.

What are the qualifications of your staff members?

  • All staff members meet the requirements set forth by the State of Ohio for working with children. All staff members must pass a background check and drug test. Our staff must be certified in first aid, CPR/AED, communicable disease recognition and child abuse recognition and prevention. As part of our Step Up to Quality rating all of our Lead Teachers have a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or an Education related field. All of our Associate teachers have a minimum of a CDA or are currently working on their degree in Early Childhood Education.

Does the Child Development Center have secured entrances?

  • Yes, all doors to the Early Learning Center are locked and monitored. People wishing to enter the Early Learning Center must be recognized as a parent, guardian or authorized family member or friend. Individuals unable to provide photo identification are not admitted to the facility.

Does my child need to be Jewish or a member of the Jewish Community Center to attend your center?

  • No. You do not need to be Jewish or a member to attend the Early Learning Center. We are open to children of all backgrounds regardless of religious beliefs, national origin or race.

What is the Jewish content of your curriculum?

  • The Early Learning Center believes in promoting the Judaic values of teaching right behavior. As part of our philosophy we celebrate Jewish holidays and traditions in ways that are age appropriate for the children and respectful of the various cultural and religious beliefs of the families we serve. We encourage families to share their cultural beliefs with the children in ways that are age appropriate and respectful of Judaic values.

What type of curriculum is followed at the Early Learning Center?

  • The Early Learning Center uses the "Creative Curriculum" and "Building the Primary Classroom". These are play based or environmental based curriculums, which align with our learning philosophy. The Creative Curriculum and Building the Primary Classroom include goals and objectives for children’s learning in all areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. These goals are aligned to Ohio’s Birth-K Early Learning Content Standards and Ohio’s K-6 Content Standards.

How are parents kept informed about their child’s progress?

  • The Early Learning Center does three evaluations throughout the year and offers a parent conference each time. The evaluations are available via invitation only through s secure parent portal using the Teaching Strategies Gold website. In addition, daily sheets are sent home or posted in the classrooms containing pertinent information from the day. Parents are welcome to schedule a meeting with their child’s teacher or the director any time they want to speak at length about their child, or any issue in their child’s classroom.

Are any family events scheduled throughout the year?

  • The Early Learning Center has a very active PTA, which we encourage all families to join. The PTA sponsors various events throughout the year including a Thanksgiving potluck dinner, a pool party at our onsite indoor pool, and periodic parents night out events.

Is there a scheduled nap time for all of the age groups?

  • Yes. The Early Learning Center provides time for all children to rest. We recognize that some children do not require a nap time and we are respectful of this. Quiet activities are provided for children who are unable to nap and calming music is played throughout this period of time to help the children relax and feel at ease during the rest period.

Are there any items parents are responsible to provide?

  • For meals The Early Learning Center provides breakfast for children who eat solid food. Breakfast is cereal with milk and juice. We also provide an afternoon snack of fresh fruit and a grain. We will also provide milk for lunch; however, parents are responsible for providing a lunch for their child. Parents of children in diapers/pull-ups need to provide a supply of diapers/pull-ups and wipes to be kept at the center.

What is your policy regarding sick children?

  • If a child is suspected of having a communicable disease parents are contacted to pick up their child. Children who are sent home with the suspected communicable disease may return only after they are symptom free for 24 hours. Children who are not well enough to resume all scheduled activities including outside play should be kept home. When children at the center have been exposed to a communicable disease, information specific to the disease will be posted on the parent information board.

What are the tuition fees?

  • Tuition varies according to the age of the child being enrolled. Infants are enrolled on a full time basis only; part time enrollment begins when children enroll in or transition to our On My Own Program.

Do you offer "family rates"?

  • We offer a sibling discount to families who enroll two or more children in our program full time.

Are there any times throughout the year that you are closed?

  • We are open all year round. We close for most major holidays when they fall on a weekday. In addition, we close for the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, as well as two professional development days each year.

Do you offer credit for days missed due to illness or vacation?

  • No. Credit is not issued for scheduled hours that have not been used and due to required classroom ratios make-up days are not allowed. No adjustments are given for any additional days off. Tuition fees have already been pro-rated to take into account holiday closings and other stated closings per our registration calendar.

My family likes to take the entire summer off each year; can I withdraw my child for two months and then resume care once I require it again?

  • If a child withdraws from a program, the space shall be considered available to other families on the waiting list who are in immediate need of care, unless prior arrangements are made to reserve the spot.

Are there any subsidized child care spaces in your settings?

  • Yes. We do accept Ohio Department of Job and Family Services child care credit, also known as Title XX. Families wishing to enroll and use Title XX funds must contact The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Office in the county in which they live to receive authorization before they will be allowed to attend.

Is there a waiting list that I can place my child on?

  • Yes. You can place your child on our waiting list by contacting the Early Learning Center Office and submitting all required registration materials.

Can I set-up a visit to see the child care center?

  • Yes. You may contact the Early Learning Center Office to schedule a tour of the facility. We encourage interested families to schedule their visits to ensure someone is available to meet with them and devote the time necessary to answer their questions.
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