Adult Programs

Cooking & Dining Experiences
Learn and share delicious recipes with foodservice professionals.

Laid Back Easy Asian Appetizers, with Jack Kravitz.

CLICK HERE to register. 

Time: 5:30 – 7:30 pm.
Location: Multi-Purpose Room
Cost: 4 Sessions: 40/Member | $60/Non Member
Individual Sessions: $15/Member | $18/Non Member
Register by Monday, August 26.

 Hebrew Primer and Cooking & Dining Experiences are sponsored by the Commission for Jewish Education. 

JCC Scholar Series
Witches, Daemonologie & MacBeth
Join us for an interesting new take on Shakespeare’s Macbeth from Dr. Tim Francisco, professor of English and Director of the Center for Working Class Studies at YSU. Dr. Francisco will discuss how and why the then-current religious and political forces shaped the characters in the play. Witches faced harassment and death due to prejudice and fear. Audience members can compare witch hunts of those times to more recent persecutions of minority groups such as Jews, African-Americans, and migrants. This event is sponsored by Opera Western Reserve.

Date: Wednesday, October 30
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Multi-Purpose Room
Register by Friday, October 25.

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