Infant Toddler Care

The program includes:

  • Individual lesson plans geared to each child's development
  • Flexible schedules that allow for each child to flow through the day at their own pace
  • Library visits and Music class as part of our curriculum

Infant and toddler care is geared to each individual child's needs. All children are on their own schedule allowing feedings, diaper changings and other times in the day for special one-on-one opportunities that further foster language and vocabulary.

Lesson plans are individualized to each child and their primary caregiver uses the developmental continuum to plan and implement skill building activities and experience opportunities. The Infant/Toddler classrooms are for children who are less than 24 months by September 30th.


Ladybugs (Infants 6 weeks-12 months)
-Individualized care


Caterpillars (20-26 months)
-Problem solving & Self help skills
-Circle Time (Music and Literacy Fun)


Busy Bees (12-18 months)
-Social/Emotional Development
-Language Development
-Exploratory Learning


Butterflies (27- 36 months)
-Preschool readiness program

For more information contact Jennifer Bracken:
330.746.3250  ext. 125

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