Personal Training

 Ready to get started,
but not sure where to begin?
Benefits To Training
  • Personalized safe and effective fitness programs
  • Achievement of goals in a short time period
  • Improved muscle coordination, strength, endurance, and flexibility

Our Trainers:

Adam Kumar
Amy Haskett
Jennifer Johnson
Patrick Dittman
Shelia Cornell

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Sessions Minutes Member Non Member
1 30 $21.00 $28.00
  45 $32.00 $42.00
5 30 $96.00 $128.00
  45 $149.00 $199.00
10 30 $183.00 $244.00
  45 $298.00 $385.00

             *Now Offering Aquatic Personal Training* 

Special Offer For First Time Training Clients


Youth Personal Training (ages 8-12)

-A package of three, 30 minutes personal training sessions, $50 (Member)
-Upper body, lower body, cardio, and abdominal training specific

-Proper gym etiquette and fitness center behavior emphasized
-At the conclusion of three sessions, the attendee will receive a special name tag which will allow them to utilize the center and its offerings with adult supervision

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