Michael Rawl

Executive Director
330.746.3250 ext. 136

Rebecca Soldan

JCC Executive Assistant
330.746.3250 ext. 103

Jennifer McNeil

Membership Marketing Director
330.746.3250 ext. 153

Courtney Lockshaw

Asst. Membership Marketing Manager
330.746.3250 ext. 283

Jacob Salvo

Media Designer
330.746.3250 ext. 141

Christine Pernotto

Bursar & Membership Services
330.746.3250 ext. 195

Marylou Finesilver

Accounts Manager
330.746.3250 ext. 105

Lukas Surewicz

Health and Wellness Director
330.746.3250 ext. 299

Shelia Cornell

Wellness Coordinator
330.746.3250 ext. 182

Shawn Chrystal

Aquatics Coordinator
330.746.3250 ext. 112

Kathy Mioni

Director of Early Learning
3307470452 ext. 376

Jennifer Bracken

Coordinator of Early Learning
330.746.3250 ext. 125

Emily Blau

JCC Programming Manager and Camp Director
330.746.3250 ext. 152

Gon Erez

Israeli Education and Outreach Coordinator
330.746.3250 ext. 159

Kelli McCormick

Event and Rental Coordinator
330.746.3250 ext. 284

Sarah Wilschek

JCC Community Development Manager
330.746.3250 ext. 123

Darlene Muller

Outreach Coordinator

Liz Rubino

Vocal and Theater Skills Manager

Dave Stauffer

330.746.3250 ext. 109

Pam Stoklosa

Human Resources
330.746.3250 ext. 143

Rita Beish

HR Assistant & Payroll Specialist
330.746.3250 ext. 168

Rob Elston

Security Coordinator
330.746.3250 ext. 122

Paul Testa

Facilities and Maintenance Manager
330.746.3250 ext. 121

Ed Garchar

IT and Facility Director
330.746.3250 ext.181

Tirtza Kohan

CJE/Judaica/Hebrew Coordinator
330.746.3250 ext. 378

Kathy Mioni

Akiva Academy Principal
330.746.3250 ext. 386

Monica Spelich

Akiva Academy Secretary
330.746.3250 ext. 377

Harold Davis

JCC Board

Dr. Bruce Willner

JCC Board

David Wilschek

JCC Board
Vice President

Dr. Harriet Schor

JCC Board

Tom Shapiro

JCC Board
Immediate Past President

Karen Abrams

JCC Board
Board of Directors

Melissa Bateman-Hively

JCC Board
Board of Directors

Fran Dreyfus

JCC Board
Board of Directors

Dr. Randall Goldberg

JCC Board
Board of Directors

Talia Haglier

JCC Board
Board of Directors

Joe Hollander

JCC Board
Board of Directors

Ben Katz

JCC Board
Board of Directors

David Penner

JCC Board
Board of Directors

Howard Sniderman

JCC Board
Board of Directors

Megan Vickers

JCC Board
Board of Directors

Barry Wagner

JCC Board
Board of Directors
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