Jewish Community Center Logan Campus Rules and Regulations

Logan Campus Rules:

  1. Children who are 12 years of age or younger must be accompanied by someone at least 16 years of age, and must be supervised at all times.
  2. Pets are not permitted on campus.
  3. Smoking or vaping is not permitted on campus, including in the parking lot.
  4. Members or guests may not have food or drink delivered to the campus.
  5. Food and drink is allowed inside the concession area or on grassy areas only.
  6. Be respectful of others - no running, skipping, or horseplay of any kind around the pool or in the locker rooms.
  7. Flotation devices are not permitted in the pool, with the exception of Coast Guard approved life jackets and Puddle Jumpers. Swimmers wearing flotation devices must be within arms reach of an adult at all times.
  8. Diving is allowed in water depth of at least 9 feet.
  9. Starting blocks may only be used by swim team, during practice or swim meets.
  10. Infants must wear swim diapers at all times.
  11. Lap lanes are for lap swimming only. Members are asked to circle swim and be respectful of other swimmers.
  12. Swimmers must pass the Deep Water Test before using the diving pit.
  13. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.
  14. Divers must wait until the previous diver has exited the pit before using the diving board.
  15. Only children 6 years of age and under and their parents/guardians are permitted to use the baby pool.
  16. Adult swim time is for members 16 years of age or older. There will be no adult swim after 5 p.m.

The guest fees are below:

12 & Under $5  
13-17 $8  
18 & Over $10  

JCC Campus member must accompany every guest. Every guest must show an ID and fill out the guest form at the Welcome Desk.

Towel Service:
Regular Towel Service (1 person): $10/month
Family Towel Service (Family): $20/Month

Per visit Towel Service:
$2 a day (1 person)
$5 a day  (Family)


1. The JCC Rental Coordinator must be contacted to book all parties or events. Kelli McCormick 330.746.3250 ext. 284.
2. The cost of the party will be determined by the JCC Rental Coordinator.
3. All JCC Campus rules must be followed.
4. Parties should not interfere with JCC Campus members.
5. Patrons must clean up after their party or event has ended.

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