Hi, Campers!
Here are some fun ideas to get the whole family feeling like they're at Camp JCC for a day.

Don't forget to take photos and post them in our Camp Facebook group and tag us on Instagram (@JCCYoungstown) with the hashtag #CampJCCYoungstown!

  • Cook or bake something with your family! CLICK HERE to see how Mr. Hunter bakes challah.
  • Lego/block challenge: You were hired by Camp JCC to build us a new camp, get creative!
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset and draw or paint a picture of what you see.
  • Paint kindness rocks to hide around your neighborhood.
  • Make homemade popsicles and name a "camper" of the day!
  • Write a family member a letter to send in the mail.
  • Make s’mores on the stove for dessert!
  • CLICK HERE to play "Guess that Song" in Hebrew!
  • Pretend you're at flag-time with your family to get your day started! Don’t forget to say "Good morning Camp JCC!" and sing some of your favorite camp songs!
  • Have a family karaoke or lip syncing contest.
  • Put on a family talent show.
  • Play charades!
  • On Shabbat (Friday or Saturday) fill out a Shabbat-O-Gram for a family member, or mail it to a friend!


Camp JCC provides a safe, fun environment for campers to build lifelong friendships through unforgettable adventures and quality care. Our day camp is designed to accommodate campers of various ages and interests, regardless of ethnic and religious background.  

The primary goal of Camp JCC is to help children learn respect for themselves, others, and their environment in a fun setting that will expose children to various experiences.


Why choose Camp JCC?

We are conveniently housed at the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown which includes an indoor pool, gymnasium, Noah’s Park, and an outdoor pavilion dedicated to providing our campers with a designated outside space. Friday afternoons will be spent at the JCC Logan Campus, which includes an outdoor pool with diving board, tennis courts, basketball courts, and snack shack.

Camp JCC is designed for campers entering grades 1-8 and is open to everyone! Campers participate in activities that promote cultural awareness, encourage teamwork, and provide educational and recreational activities. Campers also attend field trips and fun days at JCC Logan Campus!




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