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As recommended by the Ohio Department of Health, Camp JCC will implement the following changes for summer 2020:

Mask Policy

Due to the mandate put into effect by the City of Youngstown on Monday, July 20, all Camp JCC campers six years of age and older are required to wear face coverings when indoors at Camp JCC. Face coverings will also be required when campers are outdoors and unable to maintain a six foot distance from others, but will not be required during strenuous outdoor play or during swimming. If campers do not have a face covering one will be provided for them. Parents and/or guardians must also wear a face covering when dropping off or picking up their children from AM/PM Care or the welcome desk. Parents are not required to wear face coverings when dropping off or picking up curbside.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents and guardians will drop off and pick up on Granada Avenue, behind the JCC, as planned. However, traffic will be directed by JCC staff, and parents/guardians MUST follow the traffic pattern as directed. Camp JCC is implementing curbside drop-off and pick-up, and parents/guardians should NOT leave their vehicles. During morning drop-off, campers’ temperatures will be taken BEFORE exiting their vehicles. If parents/guardians need to exit their vehicles for any reason, they must park their vehicle in a marked space and should wear face coverings when interacting with camp staff, if possible. Parents/guardians will still be asked to show photo ID when picking up their campers.

Temperature Checks

All campers and staff will be required to have their temperature taken upon arrival at Camp JCC. Any camper or staff member with a temperature of 100° fahrenheit or higher will be sent home, and will not be able to return until they are fever free for a minimum period of 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medication, in accordance with the mandates set forth by the Ohio Department of Health. 


Camper Grouping

Camp JCC will operate at a reduced camper:staff ratio with one camp staff member per nine campers with no more than nine children in a group. Camp JCC will prevent, to the extent possible, groups from mixing. Counselors will serve one group of children and will not, to the extent possible, “float” from group to group.

AM/PM Care

AM and PM care will operate following the same ratio guidelines outlined above. Drop off and pick up for AM and PM care will be at Akiva Academy, which can be accessed through a door in the JCC’s gymnasium. Welcome Desk and Security staff will be happy to assist you with this.

Specialty Camps

The majority of specialty camps will be running as planned following the ratios mentioned above. However, the theatre camps have been canceled.

Field Trips & Special Events

  • All field trips previously scheduled for this camp season are canceled. 

  • All overnights and late-night events previously scheduled are canceled. 

  • Camp JCC will not be holding our annual meet-the-staff parent breakfast on June 1 this summer. We hope you will be able to meet our staff at a later date, if it is safe to do so.


Camp JCC campers will participate in free swim on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and swim instruction on Tuesday and Thursday. Each camp group will be transported to the JCC’s Logan Campus once a week on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday afternoon depending on their age group. You will receive an email before the start of each week with information about what day your child will be going to the Logan Campus. 

If your camper has or has come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is exhibiting symptoms:

He or she must complete isolation or quarantine procedures in coordination with the local health department prior to returning to the program. This rule also applies to all Camp JCC staff.

If someone at Camp JCC tests positive or is exhibiting symptoms:

If a camper or employee tests positive for COVID-19, they will not be able to return to camp until their family doctor has cleared them safe to do so. Parents of campers in that person’s group will be notified of the potential exposure.


Campers and Camp JCC staff will be required to wash their hands:

  • Upon arrival at camp
  • After restroom breaks or contact with bodily fluids
  • When returning inside from outdoor play
  • Before and after eating
  • After swimming or any other water activities
  • When hands are visibly dirty
  • Prior to leaving Camp JCC

Camp JCC will be installing non-permanent sinks in order to meet handwashing needs.

Personal Items

Campers should limit the use of personal items from home during the camp day. If personal items are necessary, they should remain stored in a backpack, be used solely by the camper, and returned home daily.

Lost and Found

The Department of Health has advised fitness facilities such as the JCC to eliminate all lost and founds. If a camper’s belonging is lost and not labeled with identifiable information, it will be discarded.

Water Coolers

We recommend that each camper bring a reusable water bottle labeled with their name to camp daily. Camp JCC will also be supplying reusable water bottles to all campers. These water bottles will be refilled at various refill stations throughout the JCC’s campus by camp staff who will wear gloves and ensure that bottle mouths do not come in contact with the water cooler.


If you have any additional questions, please call Hunter Thomas, Program Coordinator, at  330.746.3251 ext. 123 or email


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