Efficiency by Gary Taneri

Thomases Family Endowment Art Gallery

Using acrylic, rustoleum, and oil paint on canvas the work included in Efficiency has been created in the hopes that viewers will have an emotional response which leads to recognition of their own memories. Each painting is created using old family photographs that one assumes would recall a memory, but the details are not always clear or complete.

In creating these paintings, details are intentionally left out and only the minimum amount of marks needed to convey the image are present on the canvas. Each painting is created by drawing as accurately as possible, then painting in and around the drawing, and then drawing on top of the painting. Color fields emerge and are drawn on top of, grids are redrawn, and drawing marks are placed using the grid as a guide.

Taneri has been an artist all his life. He attended The Ohio State University as a fine art major then switched to architecture. He then obtained a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Youngstown State University. In 2011, he obtained a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and in 2015 he attended a six week painting intensive at Columbia University in New York City. Taneri lives in downtown Youngstown and paints at the Ward Bakery Building.

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