Youth Swim Team


The JCC Otters Swim Team is a stroke based program that works on the skills and techniques necessary to be successful in the sport of swimming. It is the coaches’ goal to have all swimmers master the needed skills in order to swim the competitive strokes legally and successfully. Coaches strive to give swimmers the tools they need to improve swimming skills and achieve success at their ability level. Practices are offered 5 days a week.

Start date: Monday, September 14 (runs through February)

Practice time: M-F, 5:00-6:30pm
Cost: Member $375 (multiple child rate $300); Non-Member $500; High School Member $300; HS Non-Member $400
Note: Meets for USA Swimming require additional fees, paid per event.
High school swimmer rates are prorated for when they begin school team practices.
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How well does my child need to be able to swim to be on the team?
- As long as your swimmer can swim the length of the pool, they can join the team! Our coaches will make sure they have the skills they need to be successful.

What equipment should my swimmer have? 
- Your swimmer will need a competition-cut swimsuit (you can find great ones on and goggles. If he/she has long hair, we would also recommend a swim cap. You are welcome to get your own kickboard or pull buoy as well, but we do have those at the pool for the kids to use during practice. 
Should I stay and watch swim practice?
- You are welcome to stay and watch practice from the bleachers. Please remember that the coach's first priority is the swimmers, so hold any questions for them until after practice.
How often does my swimmer need to attend practice?
- If your swimmer has participated in swim team previously, we encourage them to participate in at least 3 practices per week. If it is his or her first year, we encourage them to participate in no more than 3 practices per week.
How often will my swimmer participate in swim meets?
- This depends on you and on USA Swimming. We will have a list of meets that we plan on attending as a team, which will be posted on the website when USA Swimming releases meet dates and we are able to compile them into a schedule that works for us. You may choose to participate in all or none of the meets. We encourage all swimmers to participate in at least one, so they can get the feel of the competition. 
How is information communicated between me and the coaches or the JCC?
- We have a number of ways that we communicate. The two main ways are through email and the Remind app. Please make sure your email and phone number are registered for both so the coach and Aquatic Coordinator are able to keep you informed.
I think that my swimmer might be ready for swim team, but I'm not sure. How do I know before I register?
- If you would like your swimmer to be evaluated prior to the season, please email Aquatic Coordinator Tara Bishop at to set up a time. 

For more information and questions contact Tara Bishop, Aquatics Coordinator:
330.746.3250 ext. 112

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