Shaping Stories by Nancy Schwartz-Katz

Thomases Family Endowment Art Gallery

Shaping Stories | Nancy Schwartz-Katz

From exquisite custom ketubot to paintings and papercuts illustrating bible stories, to Cleveland’s “Guitar Mania” public art project, artist Nancy Schwartz-Katz is a master of capturing moments in time, and connecting people through “the stories that bind us” as illuminated in her art.

A graduate of Manhattan’s Parsons School of Design with a major in Drawing and Conceptual thinking (Illustration), Nancy also studied drawing privately under artist David Passalacqua. After spending her 20s working for the internationally acclaimed studio, The Pushpin Group, she returned to Cleveland to continue developing her own career in art.

For the past 20 years, she has specialized in creating Judaic art. Through the use of a variety of media, she is adept at telling the stories of individuals, organizations, history, and ultimately, humanity. Through her use of color, materials and variation of detail, she is able to create a unique way of applying symbolism, enhancing a particular story in order to define the salient features of the subject matter. Nancy most prefers working with gouache on paper and papercutting.

Nancy’s art appeals to individuals, corporations and non-profits and can be found in several permanent collections. Her body of work includes over 300 private commissions, and approximately 600 laser cuts, paper cuts, limited-edition lithographs, and paintings.

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