What Was Lost

This exhibit features two individual bodies of work by the artist couple. The show collectively explores themes of nostalgia, fantasy, and objectivity. Mazzupappa’s print and photo works are inspired by the industrial environment and history of labor in the once robust Rust Belt region of the U.S. Humble’s digitally manipulated photographs and glass sculptures evoke themes of reverie and derealization.

Ross Mazzupappa is a multi-disciplinary artist who incorporates printmaking, photography, and digital imaging. His work explores themes of labor, industry, place, memory, and history of the Rust Belt. He attended Youngstown State University, where he received a BFA in studio art printmaking/painting. He went on to receive an MA in printmaking with a sculpture minor and an MFA in printmaking with a photography minor from the University of Iowa. Also deeply interested in technical research, Ross has developed several processes including a photomechanical etching technique, affordable roller/ brayer making, and various designs for specialized equipment. His artwork shows in national and international galleries, exhibitions, and portfolios. His work is also featured in private and public collections. Mazzupappa is presently an assistant teaching professor of printmaking and photography at Bowling Green State University.

 Christina Humble is an interdisciplinary artist working in painting, photography, glass casting, and monoprint. Her work often features clusters of oversaturated imagery and explores themes of identity, fantasy, and reverie. She received her MFA in studio art from the American University in Washington, D.C. and has a BFA in painting/printmaking from Youngstown State University. Her artwork has been shown in national and international galleries and exhibitions from Cleveland, Ohio to Vilnius, Lithuania, and Berlin, Germany. Humble is currently an instructor of painting, printmaking, and foundations at Adrian College in Michigan.

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